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Did you know that a shocking 96% of all fat-loss attempts fail?

And did you know that we gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we do manage to lose?

Don’t let that be you! Let me show you exactly how to “stick with the program”…

…so you can LOSE that excess bodyfat for good…

…and start LOVING what you see in the mirror…

…and become a LIFELONG Success Story!

You see, I know from 14 years of fat loss coaching experience that, sometimes, even the most dedicated people still can't shed their excess pounds.

Even when you're on the Fast Track To Fat Loss program – the best there is – you can still be failing at fat loss!

Why does this happen to so many people?

Because if you can’t “stick with it,” even the Fast Track to Fat Loss program can’t help you get rid of your excess body fat!

And you’ll just fail again...

So, because Chad is totally committed to your success, he asked me to share with you a little-known but amazingly powerful 3-step technique that can transform any determined person from a “fat loss failure” into a lasting Success Story!

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I am amazed each day how easy this is…. The weight is just falling off, and I am dropping dress sizes fast!!

Total weight loss is the last four months is more than 80 pounds…with no stress or strain in two months.

Thank you again!

Sandy Spell
Marketing Director
Deltona, FL

This is why I’m super excited to show you…

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Hi Dr. Frank, I dropped 3.5 pounds this week for a total of 21.5! I feel GREAT! I'm definitely on my way!

Lisa Schaff
Florence, AL

Here’s how a simple but powerful 3-step technique can make you a lifelong Success Story – just as it has already done for people in 47 countries around the world!

Dr. Smoot

I’m Dr. Frank Smoot, MA, DD, professional weight loss coach and counselor. Over the past 14 years, I’ve helped many hundreds of people to enjoy safe, struggle-free, and lasting weight loss.

Using a simple but powerful 3-step technique, they went quickly and safely to their healthiest weight - and stayed there! Best of all, they did it without stress, struggle, or backsliding.

But first let me congratulate you for choosing the Fast Track to Fat Loss program, because you have made a very wise decision!

I’ve known Chad for more than a decade now, and I’ve been truly inspired to watch him change the lives of literally thousands of men and women who have put their trust in him and his extremely effective program.

And I can tell you, there is NO doubt about it, Fast Track to Fat Loss flat-out works – 100% of the time – for EVERYONE!

…Everyone who follows the program consistently, that is.

Unfortunately, too many of us simply can’t “stick with the program.” ANY program. And the tragic result is that…

  • A shocking 96% of all weight loss efforts fail!
  • We gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we do manage to lose!
  • In fact, more of us are becoming obese with every passing year!

But how can an astonishing 96% of us be failing at fat loss – especially with SO many diet industry “solutions” out there?

Because remarkable new clinical research has exposed the powerful – but “hidden” – reason why we can’t stick with even the best nutrition and exercise programs!

What the diet industry just doesn’t understand is that NO diet can bring you success as long as you are constantly being sabotaged by certain “invisible “but very powerful weight loss “roadblocks”.

And these weight loss roadblocks are the real but “hidden” reason why we struggle and why we fail. But what’s most interesting – and revealing – is that…

Almost everyone who fails at fat loss continually stumbles over the same “roadblocks” – again and again!

And as long as these “unseen barriers” continue to make you eat the wrong things, in the wrong amounts, at all the wrong times – there’s simply NO WAY you can succeed at fat loss!

What are these powerful but “invisible” barriers to your weight loss success?

Using actual quotes from my coaching clients, I put together this list of the “Top 10 Weight Loss Roadblocks” Every one of these clients had been struggling with their weight – just as you may now be struggling with your weight. See if any of these sound familiar…

  1. “I just can’t stay motivated...”
  2. “I just can’t fight cravings or resist junk food...”
  3. “I just don’t have enough energy…”
  4. “It’s all just too much work...”
  5. “Mindless snacking always wrecks my diet...”
  6. “I just have to eat when I’m bored, stressed, upset, or depressed...”
  7. “I just don’t have enough willpower...”
  8. “Dieting always makes me feel deprived...”
  9. “I hate feeling the guilt, shame, and frustration when I fail yet again...”
  10. “I’m doomed to be fat anyway. It’s genetic...”

If you can relate to any (or all?) of those “Top 10 Roadblocks,” the first thing you need to know is that you are NOT alone. In fact, you have more “company” than you can probably imagine!

But whether you’re suffering from just a few of these roadblocks – or all 10 of them – the blunt truth is that you can NEVER be successful at losing weight and keeping it off until you are free of your personal roadblocks.

Because your personal roadblocks are the “hidden” reason why you haven’t been able to stick with any healthy program long enough to reach your goals.

Tanya's Before and After Picture

I made it!!! ... I am really finding it easy to watch what I am eating...

Tanya Lazarevich
Adeliade, Australia

So until your personal roadblocks are removed, they will continue to sabotage your fat loss efforts every single time!

The good news is, now you can be free of your personal success roadblocks – all of them!

You see, as weight loss coach, I knew this “Top 10 Roadblocks’ discovery was a game changer. Because if these roadblocks could be eliminated from my clients’ thinking, then their struggling – and failing – would also be eliminated!

This was the discovery that led me to a truly effective solution!

Now I’d like to show you how this proven solution can transform your life. So, just for a moment, imagine what life would be like for you if all of the “Top 10 Roadblocks” that are sabotaging your success would just evaporate like the morning dew…

I already know the answers, which is why I’m so committed to helping you stop struggling, and start succeeding! Because in my experience, nothing is more important than health and happiness.

And you know what? When you’re healthy, it’s a heck of alot easier to be happy!

My coaching clients tell me time and again how dramatically their lives were changed once they learned how to “change their minds.” Now I’d love to help you experience – and enjoy – the same kind of transformation in your life!

Because investing just 10 minutes a day in a simple 3-step technique can literally transform your body – and your life – for good!

How can I make such a bold promise? Because I’ve already helped people do it hundreds of times!

Dr. Frank, I have just finished my first week with your program - and all I can say is - where have you been all my life ???? This is SO what I needed - and is so much more than a weight loss tool. It is pulling one's life together in every facet.... Bev Smith
Houston, TX

How I discovered the secret of sticking with your program...

Before I was a weight loss coach, I was a “general” psychotherapist. Then one day I came across those shocking weight loss statistics in my research. (You know, our 96% failure rate, etc.)

And on that day, something “clicked” in my head, and I realized we had a really big problem in need of a truly effective solution.

The first thing I asked myself was, “Could the answer be yet another ‘diet’ plan?”

Absolutely not! Because the research showed that “dieting” – far from being a solution – was actually the main reason why so many people were failing at fat loss…again…and again…

Even the toughest folks will get burned out from that!

Before long, they start believing in their gut that “Nothing will ever work, so why even bother?” And that’s a challenge for any coach!

So I knew that a truly effective program for safe and lasting fat loss would have to combine (a) the very best nutrition plan, and (b) the most effective workout program, with (c) the ability to STICK with both of them.

And that’s how I met Chad, way back in 2001. Because even then, he was already offering the very best nutrition and workout programs I could find anywhere.

So all I needed to contribute was the “3rd piece of the puzzle” – the ability to stick with the program! So that’s just what I did:

And that final “puzzle piece” is what’s been turning my coaching clients into Success Stories for more than a decade now – because I understood that...

Even the world’s best nutrition and exercise program can’t get you to your weight loss goals if you don’t, won’t, or can’t stick with it!

And you know what? It just doesn’t matter how strong your “good intentions” are.

Because your very best intentions are still going to get sabotaged by your “invisible” cravings. Which means you still won’t be able to stick with ANY healthy nutrition or workout program long enough to reach your goals – let alone, stay there!

And this brings us to the heart of problem – and the solution:

Emotional Eating – It’s the real but “hidden” reason why so many good people eat so many bad things.

Are you an emotional eater? If you’ve ever eaten because you were stressed, worried, depressed, angry, sad, bored, fearful, nervous, or tense, then yes – you are an emotional eater.

Why is that a problem? Because emotional eating is the true but “unseen” cause of virtually all unhealthy eating. It’s the powerful but “hidden” reason why you eat too much, eat too often, and eat all the wrong foods.

Dr. Tiffany's Before and After Picture
I’ve always struggled with self-sabotaging thoughts and emotional eating. But I’ve already lost 40 lbs and feel like I'm in a much better place – both spiritually and emotionally. I want to thank you for all you’re doing, as I know now I can defeat the next 40 pounds once and for all! Dr. Tiffany

You eat, not because you’re hungry, but because your own emotions create powerful unconscious motivations that your conscious mind simply doesn’t have the power to resist!

That is the reason you fail at fat loss. Not because you aren’t trying hard enough, but because you’re trying SO hard that “battle fatigue” sets in. And when you’re that fatigued, the easiest thing to do is often the unhealthiest thing – you start eating!

The result? You endlessly struggle to “do the right thing.” But all the while your own “hidden” emotional motivations are making you do the wrong thing!

How can you ever break free from this living nightmare that is right now wrecking your health and happiness?

If you are serious about ridding your body of your excess pounds – and keeping them off – you need to learn how to “spot and stop” your unhealthy urges and cravings before they make you do something you’ll regret.

If you don’t learn how to stop these cravings in their tracks, you will always risk being caught off guard, you will never be able to “defend” against them – and you will always “cave in.”

So now let me ask you: What do you think is the #1 difference between those who fail at fat loss, and those who succeed?

Fat loss failures only focus on WHAT they eat. This keeps them “attacking the physical symptoms” of the problem (their unwanted pounds). So they never discover the non-physical root causes of their unhealthy eating – and they just keep on failing!

But Success Stories know that identifying WHY they eat is “secret” of winning at weight loss! So they learn how to “spot and stop” the subtle but powerful cravings and urges that would otherwise still be making them eat too much, eat too often, or eat all the wrong things.

So it’s super-important for you to understand that…

Dr. Frank, I weighed in this morning at 243.5 lbs for a total loss of around 26.5 lbs. I have not experienced the struggles, the guilt, or the aching hunger “normally” associated with my previous weight loss attempts. I believe God has truly placed this call on your life. Charles Philips
Beaufort, SC
Aloha Dr. Frank! - Have to tell you - my weight registered 102.4 this morning when I got on the scale. I can't believe it - it seems like the weight is just dropping off of me….It's all happening quite fast and I don't feel like I'm struggling or striving. WOW! Carrie Kuwada Phipps
"The Big Island", HI

... WHY you eat DETERMINES WHAT you eat!

And when you don’t have control over WHY you eat, it just doesn’t matter what “should” be on your healthy eating plan. Because when the “urge to eat” takes over, you will eat anything you can get your hands on!

The good news is, once you fix the why you eat” problem …the what you eat” problem takes care of itself!

And that’s why you will succeed at fat loss! Because you finally stopped “attacking symptoms” and started correcting your eating problem once and for all – at its root!

Best of all, it makes no difference how old you are or how many pounds you want to lose!

So by now, I hope you really “get” that…

Even the world’s healthiest eating plan can’t free you from the deep and powerful but “invisible cravings” that have always sabotaged your success...

But now there’s a simple but powerful 3-step technique that can!

I knew I needed a solution that would not only help my clients “stick with the program,” but stick with it easily – and permanently.

And then one day, while I was doing some detective work in the clinical studies, I discovered what I believed to be the “hidden key” to lasting weight loss success.

Hi Dr. Frank, The program is fantastic. Since starting this new lifestyle of losing weight I have lost 18 pounds. I am 72 years old and taking a lot of medication for heart problems. So one has a good excuse for not losing weight if they follow this plan.. Bonnie Taylor
Lawrence, Kansas
Dr Frank, I wanted to share with you my daughter and myself are successes in weight loss. I now after 14 weeks have lost 21 lbs, my daughter has lost 23 lbs. We are not on a diet as you teach us, it is a way of life. Lynda Madsen
Yucaipa, CA

Before long I developed a 3-step technique built around this “hidden key” that was (a) simple enough for anyone to use, yet (b) powerful enough to free them from any and all of their “Top 10 Struggles.”

And if you will let it, this simple 3-step technique can make YOU a fat loss Success Story, too!

Because there are only two things you really need to succeed:

  1. A superior nutrition and exercise program, and…
  2. The ability to stick with your program.

Chad and Fast Track To Fat Loss have already provided you with the first ingredient.

And now this time-tested and proven 3-step technique gives you the power to finally stick with that program!

This simple 3-step technique is “night and day” easier than trying to force yourself not to overeat – because now your own powerful inner urges have been re-trained to make sure you don’t eat what you shouldn’t – and do eat what you should!

How is such a radical transformation possible? Because you have eliminated the #1 problem that has made you fail in the past!

The result is that you are now on auto-pilot to lose your unwanted pounds!

Keren's Before and After Picture
Good Morning Dr. Frank, can you believe that I have lost 43.5 lbs? It is even hard for me to believe! It is almost overwhelming!...I have gotten to where I don't even think about food any more. God really IS blessing my success! Keren McComas
Cross Plains, TN

Best of all, you don’t have to “give up” the foods you love the most. Which means you’ll never feel “deprived” again!

That’s a BIG concern for most people, because just about every client I’ve ever worked with has asked me at some point…

“Does this mean I can’t have anything delicious?"

No – no way does it mean that! You absolutely don’t need to deprive yourself of any of the foods you really loveeven the “not so healthy” ones!

Because now YOU decide – with full awareness – what you eat and when you eat it. The result is that there’s nothing that isn’t “on your eating plan.” Because now YOU (and NOT those unseen cravings) decide "what, when, and how much."

The end result? You actually get to enjoy your “comfort” foods more than ever!

Oh, and here’s one more big benefit of your newfound control: You now make smarter choices about exercise. Which means even greater health and happiness for you!

And remember those “Top 10 Roadblocks?” They have also been transformed!

  1. Now you get motivated and stay motivated. The roadblocks that once sabotaged your success give way to new thoughts and attitudes that actually propel you toward your goals.
  2. “Resisting temptation” is now a thing of the past. Your healthy new attitudes have made healthier choices virtually automatic!
  3. You free up a tremendous amount of energy when eating right stops being a “constant battle.” It’s like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders!
  4. Remember when it was all “just too much work?” Now you barely think about it. Because Auto-Pilot Weight Loss makes doing the “right thing” automatic!
  5. “Mindless eating’ is replaced by conscious healthy choice. You are now in full conscious control of what you eat, when you eat, and – most important – WHY you eat.
  6. “Emotional eating” is replaced by rational eating! Can you even imagine the comfort and satisfaction you’ll get from NOT eating or “caving in” like you used to?
  7. You now know that “willpower” is no power at all! So you stopped “battling” your unhealthy cravings – and eliminated them at the root!
  8. When you stop “attacking symptoms” and solve your weight problem at its root, you discover that the old “stress and struggle” of dieting is gone for good!
  9. NO MORE guilt, shame, anger, self-bashing and all the other painful feelings that weight loss failure brings! Now you can enjoy the satisfaction of being a success!
  10. You know you’re not ”doomed to be fat.” You now realize that your unhealthy eating habits were all learned. And what was learned can be unlearned!

And this brings us full circle back to our simple 3-step success technique and its proven power to transform your life!

But please understand – the power of this technique is not a miracle, and it’s not “magic.” It’s just (a) good science and solid research combined with (b) a clear understanding of the problem and the use of a time-tested and proven solution!

That’s why this powerful 3-step technique is at the very heart of the Fat Loss Mindset program…

…and why the Fat Loss Mindset program is the perfect complement to Fast Track To Fat Loss!

The Fat Loss Mindset program is the very same program that has already transformed the bodies – and lives – of hundreds of people in more than 47 countries all around the planet.

But this life-changing 3-step technique is really just the tip of the iceberg. The 211-page Fat Loss Mindset program also explodes the toxic myths, misconceptions, and outright lies that keep you “trapped” in an overweight body.

At last you will know the truth about…

For all of these reasons and more, I will personally GUARANTEE your success – or your money-back – with the Fat Loss Mindset program!

Here’s what you get with the Fat Loss Mindset program:

You get the Fat Loss Mindset Main Manual – chock full of eye-opening, mind-empowering, real-world-proven techniques that are guaranteed to bring you the insights and revelations that will transform your body – and your life – for good!

This is the very same Program that has already brought lasting fat-loss success to countless hundreds of people in more than 50 countries all over the world!

The Main Program Manual includes dozens of time-tested, client-tested Success Exercises (for your mind, not your body), that will make sure you “stick with the program” every step of the way, so you WILL finally get the results you want!

The complete Fat Loss Mindset program comes to you in an easy PDF e-book document, so you’ll have instant access without any shipping charges! You can print it out as you wish, and keep it in a binder with your Success Journal – another important component of this super-effective program.

Fat Loss Mindset E-Book

And as a huge FREE BONUS, you also get unlimited personal consulting - by me!

Yes, I will personally provide all of the personal consulting you need, and I’ll answer any and all questions you may have. Which means you will enjoy personal, one-on-one guidance and support from the most experienced and effective “fat-loss mindset” coach on the planet!

You know, for more than 14 years now, I’ve been helping people who are probably a lot like you to become lasting success stories. And my coaching clients have paid a hefty price for this personal attention. But as a customer of Chad’s Fast Track to Fat Loss program, YOU will get it absolutely FREE as a bonus! You really can’t even put a price on this – but it’s my way of showing my personal commitment to your success.

Dr. Smoot at his computer

IMPORTANT NOTE: this unlimited personal coaching bonus is NOT a “free trial” that automatically renews at a certain fee. There are NO charges for this free coaching – EVER! This is such a unique, extremely valuable bonus that I’ll elaborate on it further below in the “5 FREE BONUSES” section.

In short, you get a complete roadmap to permanent fat loss success by improving your mindset, with full instructions on what to do and when to do it, with every turn clearly marked. Just follow the simple directions, and discover the joys of life-long fat loss success!

A Personal Message from Chad Tackett, Creator of the Fast Track to Fat Loss Program

I’ve had the privilege of helping people lose weight, get fit, and live a healthy lifestyle for more than 25 years now. I teach people how to eat right and exercise for maximum fat loss, and it works – 100% of the time – BUT only IF you stay focused and motivated to stick with it.
That’s where Dr. Smoot and the Fat Loss Mindset program comes in. He’s an absolute master at helping people improve their mindset to put weight loss success on “autopilot” and I cannot recommend his program more. If you’re serious about losing fat and getting fit – once and for all – this program is an absolute MUST!
Chad Tackett, BS, CPT
Fast Track to Fat Loss, Founder

Your cost for the life-transforming Fat Loss Mindset program?


That’s almost 50% OFF the normal price!

...and You Get an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If at ANY time you’re not 100% completely thrilled with this program or your results, simply email me personally at drfrank@coachfranksmoot.com and I will promptly refund your $37 right away. And you can keep the entire program and all of the free bonuses, as a “thank you” for giving it a try!


This is a ONE-TIME $67 $37 fee – there are NO additional charges – EVER!

Personal Unlimited Consulting with Dr. Frank is totally FREE!

You are always protected by an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Some people would say that’s a no-brainer “deal of the century.” Why? Well, not only are you getting almost 50% off the normal price for the entire program, but I’m also including unlimited consulting absolutely FREE!

Every one of my weight loss coaching clients paid an additional $1,625.00 for their 15 weekly phone sessions. You will pay nothing AND can contact me 7 days a week!

Now you can experience the same powerful transformation my coaching clients enjoyed – absolutely 100% FREE! PLUS, you can email me privately any time you want and always expect a prompt reply, rather than having to wait each week for a group call.

My original mindset weight loss program sold online for years at $67 (personal consulting NOT included) – and it wasn’t nearly as refined as this new state-of-the-art Fat Loss Mindset program. But thanks to Chad Tackett, owner of Fast Track To Fat Loss, you can now get the complete Fat Loss Mindset program for a ONE-TIME fee of just $37 (almost 50% OFF)!

But that’s not all you’ll get. Give the Weight Loss Mindset program a chance to transform your life, just as it has already for so many others, and you’ll also get these 5 FREE BONUSES:

FREE BONUS #1: Unlimited Personal One-On-One Consulting! Whenever you have a question, want feedback on what you’re currently doing, or just need emotional support and guidance, you can count on me to be there for you every single step of the way!

You can post to our fat loss mindset forum for not only my answers and feedback, but other clients insights and experiences as well… or send me a personal, private email. Either way, I will promptly reply with my very best, completely honest advice.

Let’s face it, personal support is absolutely KEY to your success, especially when you have a history of *not* succeeding. Can you imagine how much more easily success will come when you have a knowledgeable “fat loss mindset” expert to turn to whenever you need it?

Dr. Smoot at his computer

That’s right! You get to consult with the world’s foremost “fat loss mindset” expert – as much as you need – absolutely FREE!

Am I bragging? No. I literally pioneered this “mindset” approach to weight loss, way back in the mid-1990’s. And I created the very first fat loss program based on changing your thinking, because without a change in mindset, it’s nearly impossible to get lasting results.

That’s why it’s important to understand that all of the personalized consulting I’ll give you is designed to make sure you develop a fat loss mindset. Because that’s the only way to eliminate the toxic Roadblocks that are the real reason why 96% of all weight loss efforts fail.

Now, a personal trainer is a good thing, and lots of people have one. Support in general is helpful, and you can find it at weight watchers, online communities, and even amongst family and friends.

But when you need a qualified, reliable expert...

…there’s only ONE place in the world where you can get all of that. Right here with this program and my personal support and guidance.

And every one of my coaching clients will tell you that having that kind of expertise “on call” makes all the difference in the world!

Is it time-consuming for me to answer so many questions? Of course. Yet I gladly do it.

Why? Because, after so many years as a success coach, I have an unshakeable commitment to support everyone who’s genuinely ready for rapid, permanent success. And if that’s you, then YOU are exactly the right person for this program!

IMPORTANT NOTE: this unlimited personal coaching bonus is not a “free trial” that automatically renews at a certain fee. There are NO charges for this free coaching – EVER!

FREE BONUS #2: You’ll receive “How I Safely Lost 15 Pounds In 29 Days With Zero Stress, Struggle, Or Sacrifice - And How You Can, Too!"

“The world’s best bonus” is what my program owners and coaching clients call this Special Report. You’ll see exactly how I personally got rid of 15 lbs in just 29 days without doing anything unwise or unhealthy, and without ever feeling deprived. I simply followed the Fat Loss Mindset program to literally put my fat loss on autopilot!

Ebook - Lost 15 lbs

FREE BONUS #3: You’ll receive my “Hidden Secrets Of Lifelong Success” ebook...

Are there really “hidden secrets” to lifelong health and wellness? There certainly are! And if more people knew them, they’d be a lot healthier and happier! So I’ve loaded up these 94-pages with the all the best health and wellness information I've gathered during the past three decades of showing people how to achieve rapid results and long-term success!

Ebook - Hidden Secrets

FREE BONUS #4: You’ll receive "Ten Power Steps to Lasting Behavior Change"

In this one ebook, you’ll receive the culmination of everything I've learned in three decades about how to make successful behavior change in the real world. And I guarantee it’s more effective than any "12-step" program you'll ever see.

Ebook - Power Steps

FREE BONUS #5: You’ll receive my amazing colon cleanse ebook, titled: “The Ultimate ‘Inside Secret’ Of Lasting Fat Loss, Vibrant Health, Abundant Energy, and a Long, Healthy Life!”

Yep – that’s a really long title! And it may not be a great party topic, but nothing you can do will "clean up your act" more than getting years of accumulated junk and gunk out of your body. Absolutely the best cleanse program you'll ever find! And I’m here to answer any questions and help as much as you need.

Ebook - Inside Secret

This is a ONE-TIME $67 $37 fee – there are NO additional charges – EVER!

Personal Unlimited Consulting with Dr. Frank is totally FREE!

You are always protected by an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Now, you have a very important choice to make.

And I believe it's an easy one. A very affordable one.

You can keep trying to improve your nutrition and exercise, which are clearly two important components of successful weight loss.

Or you can get started today on the Fat Loss Mindset program to master the third and final (and critical) component that is absolutely necessary to lose fat and keep it off for good...

... so you can finally get rid of all the roadblocks that are currently in your way that have (and always will) prevent you from losing weight – no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise.

For a limited time, you can not only receive the entire program at almost 50% off (now just a ONE-time $37 fee), but also FREE personal one-on-one consulting with me – as much as you need!

I've been helping others put their mindset on "autopilot" for more than 14 years online, so that living a healthy, happy lifestyle is just as easy as skipping a workout used to be.

And I would absolutely love to not only offer you my program at the drastic discount offered on this page, but also be here for you – personally – as much as you need, every simple step of the way. I truly want you to be my next great success story and I'm willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make that happen for YOU.

The very worst case scenario is that you don't like me or my program, in which case I'll promptly refund your money and wish you the best – no hard feelings.

But if you're willing to follow what I teach you, and you allow me to personally guide and support you, I can promise you that you'll be very happy with the results. In fact, I personally guarantee it.

If you'd like me to prove this to you and make sure you get the kind of results you see on this page, click below now and let's get started!

I appreciate your trust in me and I’m really looking forward to your upcoming success!

Dr. Frank Smoot, MA, DD


This is a ONE-TIME $67 $37 fee – there are NO additional charges – EVER!

Personal Unlimited Consulting with Dr. Frank is totally FREE!

You are always protected by an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!